A 600-Foot-Wide UFO Spotted by NASA on Mars

A massive ancient 600-foot-wide UFO was recently spotted on the surface of the Red Planet. After closely inspecting it, the experts were able to discern the fact that it could still be used to fly around in if only we could get our hands on it.

Currently, we have the teams consisting of Russia, the US, and China working in outer space but if they could see this as an important finding and actually retrieve it we could find ourselves being able to evolve our current technology to hundreds of years into the future, to say the least.

Even if we can’t actually get it to run though we would still be able to prove the existence of alien life out there through it so it’s still worth the trip.

A user named UFOvni2012 made the discovery back in November on the 21st when he found this picture below in the archives of the Mars Global Surveyor.

We need to work together in order to get it for the benefit of mankind though, as it would be too much for any major superpower of the world to control, to say the least.

It was found in Medusae Fossae, an area on the Red Planet which was named that based on the mythological being Medusa.

We know that there’s something special about it because everything else is covered in dust and sand while this UFO seems to be sitting on top of it all, unfazed.

Steve Wingate believes that this image is just a fluke, that it’s not an actual UFO but just a formation of rocks. What do you think?


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