Abducted Italian man has photos of Aliens from planet “Clarion”

generating controversy he is also a journalist special normal research in a former professor at the Vercelli people’s university and would have been abducted by extraterrestrials from the planet Clarion which would stay in the Eagle galaxy 150,000 light-years from Earth in September 1981 to Cavallo the beings would have taken him to an underground base in the Amazon forest and supposedly transformed his consciousness leaving it unlimited open to new knowledge but what is really making the netizens intrigued is the supposed photos of aliens and hybrids fruits of the union between ETS and humans Mauricio Cavallo 63 is also known by the pseudonym Yas and has published several books on the subject in 2012 at a conference in Turin Italy he spoke about who the extraterrestrials would be they are the stellar Guardians the Lords of the rainbow they are the Gardeners of the universe the precursor ancestors timeless immortals that come from the confines of the cosmos they come from the primary source from a place in which you build eternity addition to controversial images and videos which for many are not reliable Cavallo also has very criticized statements he says for example that many of our interpretations

Abducted Italian man has photos of Aliens from planet “Clarion” | Alien  photos, Aliens and ufos, Alien planet

of outer space are wrong according to him there was never a bing bang explosion that originated our universe and the speed of light would be totally surpass able in our solar system there are actually twelve planets not nine as the science of astronomy says he says water and oxygen abound on the moon Mauricio Cavallo in text published on his official website regarding the intriguing pictures taken by the Italian he makes it clear that they do not represent what he experienced since the first abduction I want to add that the image is shown on the site do not tend to endorse my experience of the civilization of the stars it is not important for me to be understood nor to take the evidence in support of what is narrated the rest is a matter for every individual and his conscience says Cavallo on his website check some images of supposed alien beings or hybrids which would have been recorded by the Italian writer and draw your own conclusions

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