Alien Hybrids Are Here On Our Planet – The Extraterrestrial Plan To Control Human Race

The idea that we as a species have spies infiltrated inside to control us is nothing new. The mere idea of the Reptilians implies that they infiltrated inside of our society and are ruling us without our consent. But, the truth is that it might be more than just Reptilians that are against us. Anyone with Ringing in the Ears Should Watch This (They Hide This from You) HealthyNewsDigest Ads by Revcontent Find Out More > 71,469 A lot of theorists believe that humanity might be controlled by different factions of aliens, each controlling a different aspect of our society as we know it.

These alien hybrids are the results of the many different abductions that we’ve seen on TV and heard of from our loved ones. A lot of the times the abductions will be unfruitful, the child might not be compatible with the new genes that the aliens have inserted inside of it, but sometimes it works, and from that moment on that child ceases to be human.

The aliens have only two messages for us: “Soon we will all be together” and “Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place”.

Whether you decide to take this as a threat or a promise, the results are the same. Free will is slowly yet surely becoming an illusion.

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