Alien Mummy Discovered In China

Did Giants really live amongst us in the past? Well, if we are to take into consideration all of the legends behind their might then perhaps the term “living amongst us” isn’t exactly fitting in this case. The Giants were known to be extremely violent; they would destroy everything in their paths and never even allow us, humans, to live peacefully on our own.

They would kill and maim, destroy, and hunt everything down. Some of them were worshipped by humans, but a lot of them didn’t care for worshipping, they would rather just kill instead. They are believed to be the outcome of the unholy communion between humans and the Anunnaki, and because of this, they would even turn cannibalistic at times, devouring one another to establish dominance. We’ve had proof of them over the years but society will not accept it.

Take a look at the most recent discovery, a 1,500-year-old tomb that’s filled to the brim with artifacts and precious stones. In the center of it all lays a gigantic mummy which was discovered by the Inner Mongolian University’s top archeologists.

It is believed to be a remnant of one of the Giants that would allow humans to worship him. The coffin was made out of wood in its entirety but the tomb was completely saturated with ceramics and jewelry. Video:

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