An Alien Hijacked Live on Air a British TV Station To Broadcast This Message in 1977

As mentioned in the title of this article, a British TV station was hacked live on air by an alien that had a very special message for us.

The station that was hijacked was the local ITV Southern Television station and through their Hannington transmitter on the 26th of November 1977 at 5 PM they reportedly took over the station and relayed a message that has people baffled to this very day.

Ivor Mills, the presenter from ITN was still on the video but the audio was the voice of an alien that claimed to be named Vrillon, Gillon, Gramaha, or Asteron (people can’t decide because the audio is not perfect).

In this message this alien states that they are a representative of an “Intergalactic Association” and that they come over to us to let us know that we must remove all of our weapons of evil and that we need to learn to live together in peace if we want to move into the future alongside the rest of the species from outer space.

It claimed that it is a part of the Ashtar Galactic Command and that if we don’t stop giving money power then we will never get past its dominion.

Check out the video yourself and see what you make of it. Was this just a very bored hacker trying to prank call a TV station or is this an actual message from above? You decide!


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