An Ancient Papyrus Scroll Reveals How the Egyptian Pyramids Were Built

As we all know by now, the ancient Egyptians were no ordinary civilization, as they were simply put too advanced to even comprehend per se. We always assumed that they were somewhat advanced, but recently however a new discovery was made which appears to hint at the fact that the ancient pyramids were originally built to represent doors to the stars.

The 4,600-year-old bound papyrus scrolls were originally discovered around the Great Pyramid of Giza, and according to the experts, they are by far the oldest papyri to have ever been discovered in the world.

As we know, the Great Pyramid of Giza is 147m tall and 230.4m wide, as its 2.3 million granite stone construction was brought here material by material from hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.

Through this papyrus, though we’ve come to know the story of Merer, the ancient architect that worked in Tura or Maaasara alongside his 200-man crew to complete the construction of the Great Pyramid.

He apparently took the materials from the Gulf of Suez on a ship and then traveled by sea around 13-17 kilometers upriver towards Giza as he was getting ready to commence with the building.

The scroll has been identified to go back to 2,560 BC or so and it was originally made out of over 300 fragments that came together to tell Merer’s unique story.

The hieroglyphs here tell us how the official ranking official that underwent the whole building experience was Ankhhaef, the half brother of Khufu.

As far as we know though, there is no mention of how the 50-ton blocks were lifted though.

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