Ancient Tunnel that Leads Directly to “Underworld” Discovered Underneath Mexican Pyramid

There are plenty of interpretations of the road to the underworld, but most of them have the same iteration at the end of the day. This is why archeologists were able to quickly discern that the tunnel from the pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico was a definite imitation of the said tunnel to the Underworld.

The archeologists have used electrical scans to see just how far down the ancient tunnel takes them and it was so big that the experts actually came up with the theory that a whole civilization could have lived down there, venerating the deities that were supposedly living in the Underworld, as is showcased by the many various carvings on the walls referring to them.

The tunnel was hidden 10 meters or 33 feet beneath the ground and it is actually the second-largest structure to ever be found around the site

According to the mythos, life, animals, and plants all originally came out of the Underworld. This was supposedly a sacred zone only used by the highest-ranking priests of the civilization, used for rituals and ceremonies to celebrate agricultural cycles.

The tunnel is actually so huge that it wasn’t even looted yet, to begin with. It has supposedly been abandoned around 550 AD, but it was actually built way sooner, between the first and seventh century to be precise.

The place was supposed to home around 125,000 people, but for some reason, they abandoned their sacred place and either perished or moved on to a different spot altogether cause of an incoming calamity.


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