Bizarre Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Showing a UFO Landing On The Sphinx

In case you didn’t know already, the God Ra from the Ancient Egyptian mythos is believed to be an alien because he allegedly sailed down from the stars to found the civilization that he would rule over. Anyone with Ringing in the Ears Should Watch This (They Hide This from You) HealthyNewsDigest Ads by Revcontent Find Out More > 48,163 Archeologists all around have started to support the idea that Ra was an alien all along upon the discovery of this ancient papyrus which showcases a clear UFO landing on the Sphinx.

Warne Herschel was the one to bring it up at first, stating that on that 3,000-year-old vignette from the Djedkhonsuiefankh funerary papyrus which can be found at the Cairo Museum you can clearly see it right there, clear as day.

Instead of the boat though that people assume him to come on, in this papyrus he is clearly coming off of a disk-like flying object, implying that he did come over to humanity on a UFO himself. The absolute size of him actually also supports this, as we know that the Anunnaki were very huge, to begin with as well. Every ancient civilization out there considered the stars and the aliens to be gods and deities alike.

There has got to be a reason behind this, and according to him, it is because we did make contact with them in the past, and we did worship them as such. Upon leaving they tried to hide any evidence of their arrival for the sake of not attracting too much attention it seems, although nothing is completely clear as of yet.

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