Former Area 51 Scientist Claim That Alien Beings Are Already Here And Friendly – This Is His Last Interview

Boyd Bushman, also known as the Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist, had a stunning revelation on August 7th, 2014 as he wanted to prove to the world that what he had seen the whole working for Area 51 was not to be ignored. He died that day, but before he did so, he managed to get one last interview going. In this interview, he showed everyone pictures of aliens and UFOs which are believed to prove the fact that he had really seen all of these things before his untimely death. He even talked about his own inventions while working for Area 51.

He apparently managed to invent radiation detection equipment, a metal detection system, and even an aircraft detection system. He talked about how he came across a spaceship at the popular Roswell site in the 50s which resulted in them reverse-engineering the ship to improve their technology by a couple hundreds of years.

He talked about Quintonia, a planet around 68 light-years away from us and the aliens that resided there that came to us and infiltrated themselves in Area 51. He told us how these aliens were around 4-5 feet tall and how 18 of them were actively working for Area 51 while he was still working there himself.

You can see pictures of them here. He even talked about how they were so advanced that they could travel in 45 minutes to their planet using their ships while we would need at least 68,000 years to do the same.

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