Huge Cyst Popping On The Back

it’s going to going to have a yeah I just have to that foursome yeah a bit deeper can’t get para force s is it going to be bathing yeah get the machine that goes ping to pause it new string together at once I mean divide yeah forces behind me they’re still not coming I just need to is just to need to make a slightly deeper incision – op do you mind holding back for a minute just don’t they she gets arrested stop causing you a lot of pain no have a high pain threshold got the kid you can’t see on the manifest can the camera see ya there’s nothing join me to put a bit of local in because I can just dribble that in if you like yeah yeah put that health well are you still digging for England to get through my tough skin yeah I might just do that study didn’t know your matter I know the anesthetic you use at the dentist oh I’ve had dental stuff done I’ve had what did I have epidural when I had my son I’ve had my appendix out got recalled in my back of the sack must be made of some kind of elephant fiber this grazing wasn’t so bad I just done yeah when doctor said it would it would come up to the surface and I just thought I’ll bet it doesn’t I think that poor must be like so damaged and you have to be patient not only does that take to work must be like apricot sized or something this sack now they’re coming oh that’s dumb I’m a tough bird I’ve always said that you sure you don’t want a bit more local anesthetic what you don’t know them can you feel that not really no it’s kind of I’m quite used to it now you’re gonna cut deeper ah here we go how’d you come did you come out is it no not yeah but I can see it’s starting to think about it okay make the popping sound they’re coming yeah yeah we’ve got to the level where the actual second sort of cheesy stuff is coming out Oh amazing the clotted cream don’t hear any saying he won’t be clotted cream earlier that kind of party stuff fine really feel like anything it’s been I mean over the years we squeeze the bejesus out of it I think part of the problem is my back is bruised from the first going at it my doctor did was loculated or not connected it means instead of being one big sack there’s lots of little sacks because we did possess this at once so I don’t know if the sack repairs or it just makes a new one how much has come out then God I couldn’t just have a normal one could I that just went pop you’re right yeah that’s cool that’s cool you see this watch them take one out and it’s better it’s like about 1/8 of the size of this one I was just thinking god they’re gonna have to unzip my back to get this one out this is going quite deep so how deep is a cup getting somewhere you’re going out yeah oh my god he looks scared that of you so what’s just I won’t see what some GTA huh darling it’s here you found it yeah it was just getting to the plane of the sack is a lot deeper than I thought but I’m I think you’re better starting off superficial and it plus all the porridge it’s kind of bit of both it’s mainly sort of just sort of sebaceous cheesy thing we’d expect stunt yes yeah I think but you can squeeze more it’s the wiping of the top of it I think it’s my imagination that I’m thinking that your wife and if so where are you with the Kahlua through my sin you see I’ve got one and a half days at 500 milligrams to go and he’s not doing the trick don’t think it’s done anything to be honest because this is just carried on growing I think it might be worth switching you to something like doxycycline yeah let’s try something new because I mean you know my do I don’t think it would ever have come out no that was well it hasn’t made the infection go and this is what we need to get going so coming yeah although I think we’re getting to the dregs now so just drags a drag but to mean that now that there’s an opening you know we it will lose at least it’s it will come out which is a good thing now there is a good thing and then we can probably get more out can’t we next time so we need the infection to clear up from the inside out don’t we and then it’s like having a tooth abscess and you just sometimes need to drain it I think yeah I mean sometimes if surgeons are doing it they make a much larger excision and then they can pack it so it’s good to absorb leakage oh my it’s funny the pain is in my elbow it’s really weird yeah it’s like I’ve what my funny bone was really hard well that was a bit of excitement and that was that

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