hello and welcome to the hoof GP my name’s Graham Parker and specialize in treating Kyle with lameness problems and making sure that they don’t bully him in the first place today you join me on our way to a large daily farm to treat around 50 cows I’m not expecting anything termites have really happened because these cows are in pretty good shape to be honest but you might as well come along for the ride and see where it takes us [Music] oh so tired today because you’re busy having their breakfast so I’m all set up that’s how we’re working today you got the courage onto a race race has got maybe 20 can it was all the way back to that chimney over there got some years so how can you be he’s gonna go quick mentally nervous and so it begins gonna last going going that’s it good get on you go on you go get up [Applause] movie We Live Together [Music] oh my god do you guys see that oh Jesus that literally just missed me I am so glad look all the way back look even hit here oh well they that feel slightly bad of us right I’m gonna go ahead and clean all of this up and get offend okay so it’s at the best point I realized that she’s got an infection that’s me just checking to see whether its fluid or whether it’s solid or what else it’s fluid so we need to release it this is something I hate to him but she is gonna feel so much better from us it’s unreal this pus is extremely thick and we’ll look at the amount of Eva’s inside her hoof capsule the pain that that scare must have been and must have been so so sore that it’s a real pleasure to be able to make her feel much much better than she did before she walked into the crash [Music] although it looks really Carissa monogrammed I need to make sure that was as little pus remaining inside back cover here as possible so that she can truly recover

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