Immense Alien Ship Is Approaching Earth – This Ship Was Found Using Google Sky

The Black knight alien ship is by far one of the most renowned alien ships to ever be discovered by ufologists and astronomers. It was first uncovered in 1958 by a random American amateur astronomer but we only ever got actual pictures of the ship in 1998 when the Endeavor space shuttle captured some of the greatest shots humanity has ever gotten.

It’s not just ufologists that believe this, some astronomers also support the idea that this huge alien satellite is orbiting around Earth to spy on us and make sure that we’re kept in check.

But that’s not all, another huge alien object was uncovered around Earth orbiting it. Google Sky is the only way to see it but you can check it out yourself if you want to.

Its exact coordinates are 2 41 32.38 7 53 16.51 It’s massive, to say the least, way bigger than anything humanity has ever made before, and ever since it was first uncovered people have been trying to discern what it could be and what its existence entails.

Many believe it to be connected with the mysterious Oumuamua, another mysterious space ship that has been spotted in the past. Could these two be under the control of an alien race or is it all a fluke? What do you think?

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