It’s Official: Scientists Discovered A “Second Earth”

A new planet was discovered in the Proxima Centauri System which might very well be referred to as the Second Earth since it is so similar to our own planet. Fighting Diabetes? This Discovery Leaves Doctors Speachless! HealthyNewsDigest Ads by Revcontent Find Out More > 64,750 It has liquid water on it which is the basis of all life in the universe, so according to experts, it is the best chance we’ve ever gotten at finding life outside of our own planet’s.

It is exactly 1.3 times our size and has the ideal temperature for life to exist on it. It is located around four light-years away from us, so we have no way of visiting it any time soon but experts all around the globe have already begun working on methods to make the leap already.

The temperature on the surface is anywhere between -90 and 30 degrees Celsius so definitely inhabitable, to say the least. Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf located in the constellation known as Centaurus, so we can’t see it with our own eyes but scientists have been constantly observing it ever since it was officially discovered because of how promising it really is. Article by True Blog.

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