Large Frieze Discovered in an Ancient Pyramid

As we know, one of the largest ruins reached is located in Guatemala. Not only is it among the biggest, but also one of the most interesting, many of its secrets still undiscovered.

Tikai, Yaxha, or Iximiche are just some of the names of the ruins which are believed to have been part of the ancient cities.

It seems that this population would have reached even up to 10 million inhabitants, recently discovering that it is very possible that all these conglomerates of ruins in the rainforest are part of the heritage of the same civilizations that lived there.

According to the inscriptions found in Tikal, researchers believe that although all these groups were part of the same civilization, they were very different from each other.

The inscriptions suggest a possible cataclysm and most recently an inscription was found detailing the events of a war between cities, believing that this led to the extermination of these people, a war between them.

The huge frieze found in the rainforest is 2 meters high and 8 meters wide and was found in one of the oldest hidden pyramids, buried in the middle of the forest. Found on the walls of a Mayan-style building, it features human faces in a mythological atmosphere embodying 3 people who worship a god.

Even though this frieze dates back many years, the title seems to be still very visible. The writing seems to represent the God of the Storm: “Och Chan Yopaat,” – and translated it would be “the god of the storm enters heaven.”

The one who made this discovery is Francisco Estrada-Belli, being the director of a project. He and his team discovered this frieze, believing it to be a unique discovery in life and that this is proof that somewhere around 600 AD there was a war between this once huge population in terms of population.

The hope of these is that, with the possibility of digging out of the buried pyramid in which the frieze was found, new evidence will come to light.


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