Leaked Military Footage Shows UFO Chasing Over Puerto Rico

As the title suggests, this following footage was captured over Puerto Rico back on April 25th, 2013 but it was only released recently in 2019 as it showcases what appears to be a massive UFO floating over the buildings at a way lower altitude than airships is even allowed to go to.

The pilot of a Black Hawk helicopter actually spotted it over the airport and as he tried to contact it so that he could discern what this unidentified aircraft was doing over there more and more shocking discoveries were made.

First off, he realized the fact that he was following a UFO because it was violating the airspace and because of how fast it really was.

It appeared to be circling around the crowded area and upon being spotted it flew past the helicopter towards the ocean where it went underwater never to be seen again.

Check out the video at around 1:24 where you see yet another UFO seemingly pop out from underwater with no regard to the pressure that the water would put on the airship in the first place.

The video itself was recorded by the helicopter so there’s no doubt about it, it’s real. It was released not too long ago as experts claim that it was originally kept hidden amongst all the other UFO sightings that the military had spotted in the past and chosen not to show to the rest of the world.

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