NASA Received and Recorded This Strange Message from the Year 2057 (audio)

The Deep Web is both a blessing and a curse for the most time. On one hand, it is filled with illegal activity, since nobody can really track anyone there people are free to do whatever they want and since Bitcoin is used on the Deep Web there is no way to actually find anyone unless they want to be found.

This sounds bad at first but at the same time, without anyone controlling what we say or do we can actually find unedited, unaltered videos and messages that we would never have found on the internet.

This is how we came upon a message from the future that talks of a grim outcome for earthlings. According to the original poster, he or she lives in the year 2057 and a global pandemic destroyed almost all of the life on Earth.

Only 200 humans still live to this day and they’re quickly running out of the water which is why they are calling out to us.

Rest assured though, they didn’t mention the current pandemic in any way shape or form, but they did say that the virus that attacks cells and destroys them immediately is called VTR however.

The message was supposedly leaked by NASA themselves although they haven’t made any statements regarding it as of yet.

Some people consider this to be a massive hoax or just a general joke, but considering our current situation it should come off as more of a warning than wishful thinking.


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