NASA Reveals There is Life on Mars, But We Are NOT Prepared to Know It

A new statement was recently issued by the chief science officer at NASA named Jim Green in which he claimed that the European Space Agency will soon discover alien life on Mars in the following couple of months.

The discovery will happen before the year 2021 occurs according to him, as the world is finally ready to accept the existence of alien life out there.

The Daily Telegraph was the newspaper that interviewed Mr. Green and, in this interview, he stated that the world will change forever once the announcement will officially be made.

He also stated his concerns regarding the manner, hinting at how despite the fact that he personally doesn’t see the world as ready everybody else does and they overruled his statements regarding the matter.

He is one of NASA’s top members and one of the few that was directly involved in the drilling sequence that took place on Mars in 2020.

According to him, the ExoMars rover from ESA will collect samples of these alien forms and bring them to Earth where they will officially be reported to the general public.

He also stated that Mars is not alone on this, that we have proof that even Venus might be filled with life forms and more.

We are not the only technologically advanced race out there, and that’s a fact according to Jim, as he believes that there is no reason as to why there wouldn’t be considering just how many stars there are out there.

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