Nativs Elders of Arctic Warn NASA – “The Moon, the Sun and the Earth Are Changing”

Eskimos have all gathered together during the global warming summit in Copenhagen and together they demanded the attention of NASA.

Together they eventually managed to get the attention that they needed and with it they brought forth a dangerous premonition.

They stated that the climatic conditions of the planet are slowly changing, being altered by pollution to the point where we won’t have much longer on this planet if we don’t change our ways.

The Sun is no longer rising from where it’s supposed to, or so they claim, and they state that the day doesn’t feel normal anymore.

The world is changing, the moon and the stars are becoming hotter and hotter with each passing day making it harder to predict the weather and the more time passes the more Earth moves away from the Sun’s orbit.

They concluded by saying that we don’t have much left to live if we don’t change our ways.


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