“Neil Armstrong Their Ship Was Far Advanced Than Ours – It Was Huge – We Were Warned”

During an official interview carried out by NASA, Armstrong has debunked his former statement that there was no life on the moon, replacing his words with deafening threats. He claimed to have stumbled upon an enemy base on the moon, one that was clearly hostile in nature.

He claims that they were nowhere near as technologically advanced as the alien lifeforms and that they immediately were spotted when they entered the Moon’s atmosphere. The aliens were visibly bugged out and frustrated to see them attempt to land on the moon, so they immediately decided to leave the planet.

According to Neil Armstrong the aliens were getting ready for colonization too so we need to be careful in the future otherwise we might be next on their scope. Video:

Original Source: https://trueblog.net/their-ship-was-far-advanced-than-ours-it-was-huge-we-were-warned-4325/?fbclid=IwAR2jQf90GA5-rZgvwnYExjuKv6VWwjMj4jZirqSrJUyMGpySH1BdQOzzCNo

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