Noah’s Ark Was Actually a DNA Lab And The Great Flood Was NOT Natural Phenomenon

If you still believe that the Great Flood from the story of Noah’s Ark was all just a work of fiction then you’ve got to look at all of the submerged cities from the Black Sea and think again. There are over 250 of them that were all sent down there by massive flooding in ancient times.

We know that they were not originally meant to be underwater constructions because of how old they are and because we are not known for creating underwater cities for our fish neighbors.

In the Mahabharata for example the flooding is mentioned multiple times as one of the many cataclysmic attacks that were used by the ancient civilizations that fought one another. There are even ancient bunkers that prove the fact that the battles represented in Mahabharata actually did happen in ancient times.

Christians want to blame God for the flooding, but God is just an alien after all, isn’t he? He is an ancient being that came from the sky, controlled us, and made sure to showcase his power and intelligence to us. Many believe that Noah’s Ark was actually a DNA Bank, a DNA lab of some sort, one created by an ancient race so they could repopulate after the flooding took out most life on Earth.

Article by True Blog.

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