Researchers Discover Massive Sunken City and Several Pyramid-Shaped Structures in China

In the Fuxian Lake, in China, several buildings have been discovered that have caused quite a ruckus in the science community. The reason behind this reaction is the fact that strange and unusual markings have been found on these buildings, which seem to point at the idea that these are not your average buildings.

After some time has passed and more research was conducted in the place, it was established that the buildings belong to a famous ancient city that goes by the name Yuyuan that was raised during the Western Han Dynasty, which was around 206 BC – 24 AD.

The most common theory relating to this city is that the city sank all the way to the bottom of the Fuxian lake because of a certain event that we simply cannot pinpoint just yet.

Besides the city, apparently a pyramid-shaped building was also found, although what separates this from your typical pyramid is the fact that this one is way more complexly built than an original one from Egypt. The carvings on this building are simply put eerie.

Drawings of the sun or strange carvings that vaguely resemble masks which date well over 18.000 years ago, simply off-putting to say the least.

What do these mean, what prophecy are they foretelling? What do you think? All that we know for sure is that this is definitely not a discovery that we can afford to ignore.


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