Scientists Baffled After Analysis of the Ancient Egyptian Mummy of Takabuti

As time progresses, Takabuti, the famous ancient Egyptian mummy on display at the Ulster Museum becomes less and less of a mystery to the researchers.

Thanks to top of the line technology the experts were able to uncover even more information from the 2,600-year-old mummy.

This was the 185 year anniversary of the discovery of her mummy back in 1835 so the team was definitely excited to commence with the new tests

Through these new tests, the team uncovered that Takabuti had an extra tooth which only really occurs in 0.02% of the population and an extra vertebra which is only present in 2% of the population.

Not only that, but her head was also uncovered and the team also discovered the greatest information they could get their hands on her death.

According to them, she was stabbed in the upper back near her left shoulder, and considering the fact that she died in her 20s around 2,600 years ago, it’s a pretty safe bet to state that this was her official cause of death.

She was originally discovered in Thebes by Thomas Greg from Holywood, County Down, and then brought to Belfast back in 1834. She was also discovered to resemble the DNA of Europeans rather than modern-day Egyptians.

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