Scientists Found a Multidimensional Universe Inside The Human Brain

A new discovery was made by a team of scientists that were studying the brain’s activity. They asked themselves a simple question: How are we capable of thought and consciousness? And this simple idea stemmed from all of the following research.

We already know that our brains are the home of over 86 billion neurons and that they connect and intertwine with one another similar to a net of some sort. That was the most basic explanation but it still doesn’t come close to an actual answer.

So, what started as the Blue Brain project ended up with incredible results. By using mathematical methods of algebraic topology they uncovered the fact that our brains are creating their own universes in order to process information.

Henry Markram, a neurologist and the director of the Blue Brain project from Lausanne, Switzerland declared happily that inside of our brain lie tens of millions of objects which are a part of networks that are made out of up to 11 dimensions.

He explained that through a virtual simulation they uncovered that our brains process information by creating towers of multi-dimensional blocks that are made out of multiple dimensions at once.


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