Strange Ancient Stone With Petroglyphs Found Cut in Half With Laser Precision in Saudi Arabia

Chances are that if you’ve ever heard of a place called Al Nafud Desert from Saudi Arabia then you’ve most likely also heard of the bizarre huge rock that has a very strange almost surgical cut right down the middle of it.

Not only is it huge, and we mean this, but the cut is so perfect that it literally separates the rock in half perfectly down to the last centimeter.

The most popular theory regarding this cut states that the cut must have been made by some sort of a device of alien nature. The reasoning behind the cut though still eludes people to this very day.

There are other such theories out there but none fits as well as the one we mentioned, even scientists are baffled when it comes to explaining how this could possibly be a natural event of some sort.

This didn’t stop them from hypothesizing a lot though, coming up with theories like the one that states that there must have been a hole down the middle which corroded over time, increasing in size exponentially and eventually separating the rock in half.

This would be a good theory if it weren’t for the fact that a perpendicular cut is very unlikely and rare but also because of just how perfectly centered the cut is in the first place.

The ancient people used a laser to cut this stone so perfectly? Did they have such advanced technology?

The rock also should have fallen by now because of its weight and because it lies on a non-flat ground but alas, it’s held up for a long time now and there’s no sign of it falling down anytime soon either.


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