Strange Humanoid Mummy Discovered in an Ancient Tomb in Egypt

Without a doubt, Egypt is known for the mummy findings that were discovered over the course of time.

Archaeologists all around the world have been coming over and trying their luck in this crazy goose hunt to find ancient remains of the rich from the past.

Recently though, a discovery unlike any other was made in Egypt. What sets this mummy apart from all of the rest is the general shape of the body.

It is very different, it is still humanoid but the skeleton is misshapen to say the least, resembling an alien more than a human in nature.

The tomb is supposedly over 2500 years old, and upon closer inspection experts stated that this mummy is not of human origin, or at least not of normal human origin.

The general consensus is that this was a humanoid alien that was venerated as a God amongst mortals, which is why he was buried the same way a pharaoh would be.

Article by Revealed

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