“The Anunnaki Gods Are Coming Back” – Pentagon Leak in Epic Interview

Sumerian mythology is one of the most fascinating mythologies in the world. And if you study Sumerian mythology carefully, you will discover a race of gods called Anunnaki. Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch) Healthier Living Ads by Revcontent Find Out More > 14,139 This race would have come to Earth many years ago, would have created the human race only to be slaves working in their interest.

These beings would have lived about 432,000 years. They were almost immortal compared to the human race.

A Pentagon whistleblower recently came up with an incendiary statement. It seems that the Anunnaki gods are returning to our planet.

Being our creators, Anunnaki possessed very advanced knowledge of human DNA.

They can control and manipulate the entire human race. It seems that they feed on the negative energies resulting from fear. If we take the whistleblower’s words, these Anunnaki are the true leaders of the human race. Watch the following two videos and see for yourself: Video 1:

Video 2:

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