The Greatest Secret Kept Hidden From Mankind Is The Pineal Gland

Ever since the pineal gland has been discovered theorists have instantly begun comparing it to the mystical third eye that’s been observed a lot through our historical texts. It is called the pineal gland mainly because it’s shaped like a pine cone, and biology wise it produces serotonin derivative melatonin which balances out our hormones amongst other things.

Since it is placed in between our two hemispheres theorists believe that it is actually the third eye but that it is asleep at the moment. Upon reaching mental enlightenment the third eye will eventually open up, giving us the secrets to our own existence as well as the secret of the universe altogether.

According to ancient scriptures, the pineal gland is the portal between the physical world and the spiritual world. Upon opening it humans would be able to transcend between the two, becoming in their own way, supreme. This third eye can be opened through yoga, meditation or other more painful methods.

The Soviet Union has been trying to forcefully open the third eye in subjects since they found out about it, but no reports have been made of a successful mission. Descartes, for example, was one of the believers that were very sure of the fact that the pineal gland was actually “the seat of the soul” and if you were to look at the Western and Eastern mystical traditions then you’d understand that that’s where our highest spiritual center actually confides. Video:

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