The Legendary Thunderbird Creature Was Real – It May Live Even Today in the US

In case you didn’t know already, every year we come across 15,000 to 18,000 new species of animals. These are then later on tested using the latest DNA tests to make sure that they are not just mutations of other preexisting species.

We often come across creatures that have perished already and gone extinct which proves the existence of mythical creatures in the past. But what if these mythical creatures still lived amongst us?

We know of legendary creatures from the North American Natives for example as they depicted them on their sculpted totems. One such creature is the Thunderbird. This was a supposed massive bird that was able to create thunderstorms at will.

They originated from the desolate mountain peaks and were said to serve the Great Spirits of the World. Although feared by the Natives they were also worshipped.

Their depiction is oftentimes related to the Pteranodon, a type of Pterosaurs that were known as the largest flying reptiles of all time. Their remains were originally discovered in North America so we figured that’s that and left the case for now.

Although the remains date back to millions of years ago, it appears as though multiple reports from 200 years ago around the North American area might actually prove that these creatures aren’t as extinct as we thought they were.

Pictures from the American Civil War in 1864 for example showcase six American soldiers standing on top of a huge bird that they killed.

Yet another instance was reported back in 1977 as three children from Lawndale, Illinois stated that they ran away from a huge bird that took their friend with it named Marlon Lowe.


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