This Ancient Papyrus Reveals How The Pyramids Were Built

3.2k00 The ancient Egyptians were too advanced for their own good. Many believe that this is due to the intervention of the aliens. As to what the purpose of them may be, experts believe they might represent doors to the stars after all.

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Most of the time the media ignores these questions, focusing on the less important issues at hand instead of what really matters, to begin with. Take for example the 4,600-year-old bound papyrus scrolls that were discovered near the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a rendition of one of the managers that helped build the pyramid in the first place and it is the oldest papyri ever discovered.

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Sitting tall at 147m and 230.4m from side to side, the Great Pyramid was built with over 2,3 million granite stones which were all brought here by foot according to historians from hundreds if not thousands of kilometers away. The papyrus tells the life story of Merer as he worked with his 200-man crew in Tura, or Maaasara to take the stones from the Gulf of Suez and take them on their ship from where they would travel 13-17 kilometers upriver towards Giza.

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This papyrus was believed to date back to around 2560 BC and it was made out of over 300 fragments. He talks about Ankhhaef, the half brother of Khufu, and how he was the highest-ranking official at the construction site. They used huge hammers made out of black diorite to make the hieroglyphs on the papyrus and as far as we know they didn’t speak of how they were able to actually lift the 50-ton blocks at the time. Source: UFO-Spain Article by True Blog.

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