Time travel proof: UK sent MYSTERIOUS man to year 2365 in SECRET research operation

A MYSTERIOUS man, who claims to be a former employee of the UK Government, has announced he travelled to the year 2365 after being offered €200,000 by Whitehall to learn about the future and how to make it better.

Time traveller

In an online video, the man claims to have worked for the UK Government for most of his adult life, and signed up to test future advanced technology.

Commenting on why he decided to partake in the trials, he said: “They offered to pay me over €200,000 to take the job, so I thought it was good for my family.”

He noted the Government does not entirely know how time travel works, but insisted they employ the technique to conduct vital research.

He said: “People in the Government aren’t exactly sure how things work; paradoxes can happen.

“All they know is that time travel is possible and we’ve figured out ways of doing it.

Time travel

“I can tell you for a fact that time travel does exist within factions of the British Government.”

The time traveller claimed he spawned on top of a skyscraper in an unknown city in the year 2365, and witnessed a series of futuristic modes of transport, including flying cars and buses.

He said: “On top of the skyscraper I saw various flying cars and modes of transportation that were travelling right by me.

“There were very long ones and very short ones, there were buses and cars, and I remember seeing a much higher form of air traffic above that, including aeroplanes that I have never seen before.

“I remember receiving a few strange looks from people in the cars that were looking at me.”

Time travel

The supposed time traveller also noted the buildings were slanted and much taller than our current skyscrapers.

He added: “The buildings were all slanted for some reason. They were very tall, much taller than you would see in New York or Los Angeles.”

Commenting on the people he met during his six-day visit, the man noted numerous life forms coexisted.

He said: “I remember seeing robots, humans and what appeared to be aliens.

“I don’t know if they were genetically modified humans or if they were aliens – but I remember seeing strange creatures with large eyes and almond-shaped heads.

There were also very regular looking humans that you would think were any average joe today – but they were wearing very strange clothing.”

In a shocking revelation, he noted the humans were not surprised when he told them he was from the year 2006, as time travel was a regular occurrence.

He also claimed that he discovered time travel will be widely rolled out in the year 2028.

Describing his overall experience, he concluded: “Those six days in the year 2365 were the most memorable of my life. I had an amazing time.”

Commenting on social media, one viewer voiced their enthusiasm for the video, writing: “I can’t wait for 2028.”

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However many viewers questioned the validity of the claims, with one stating: “People in flying cars giving you ‘the look’.

“Yes, perfectly normal. Northing to see here. Move along. Move along.”

Another commentator mocked the producers’ decision to fly to Russia for the video, stating: “You flew all the way to Russia for that?

“Guys if you’re going to make a time travel story really put some thought into it.”

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