Unexplained ancient technology – THE VIMANAS

the Vimanas refers to a collection of historical records from ancient India that described an array of incredible flying machines and weapons of a technological standard even more advanced than those in existence today the oldest mention of these machines is found in the Sanskrit texts known as the Vedas and date back to approximately 1500 BC a modern translation reads jumping into space speedily with a craft using fire and water containing 12 of stam gas pillars one wheel three machines 300 pivots and 60 instruments in the Ramayana text there are references to flying machines that were used for the convenience of the ruling class in the Mahabharata text there are descriptions of the battle planes that fire missiles that use sound to find their target and beams of light that destroy anything they touch with their energy greater for these machines was attributed to the yavanas who are believed to be the ancient Greek civilizations in or around the early 1950s

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a more modern text was made available called the VAE mineka sastra science of aeronautics it was allegedly the inspired work of sawara Sastry who claimed it was based on the writings of the great sage bharadvaja thus giving authenticity to these scientific claims the picture was a concept drawing based on the written descriptions in the text however it could equally well describe the Russian concept rocket depicted on the adjacent stamp it is also worth noting that there are claims that the 1960s Russian scientists took a deep interest in the vimana phenomenon and strangely it is around this time that they made significant leads forward in their technological achievement still this is probably just a coincidence vemana are not unique to India and there are references from all over the world and include the Egyptian Saqqara bird the pre-columbian golden airplane models the Greek Icarus legend the chariot of Ezekiel the Nazca runways lines the Abydos carvings the Tassili rock paintings from Algeria and the Chinese references to loom bands wooden aircraft that flew great distances naturally these references are often dismissed by modern historians as simply impossible but there can be no doubt that humanity has a collective memory of have once been able to fly in ancient times is this a coincidence based on the worldwide wishful thinking of past civilizations or is it a recollection of when it was actually possible you must decide for yourself

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