VIDEO: US Soldiers Talking About Different Alien Beings, UFOs And Majestic 12

This video was recently uploaded on the internet where it actually caused quite the ruckus because of how eerily strange it really is. You can see yourself that in this video a group of army soldiers talk about the aliens they’ve encountered and which types of aliens there are out there.

The confidence behind their speeches and their overall interest in the matter has made this quite the strange video for most as it isn’t every day that this sort of interaction can happen outside of conventions, to say the least.

The relaxed tone also helps make them a lot more understandable, as opposed to being silenced the soldiers appear to freely speak their minds regarding the matter.

The main focus of the video is on this one specific soldier that talks about his own experiences with aliens and most importantly he even begins drawing what he believes this alien to look like.

He took a picture of the UFO that the alien appeared to be flying around in too, which he showcases in the video. He talks about the famous Majestic 12 program and he even brings up new information that we hadn’t been aware of beforehand.

This is definitely a video that deserves a watch, as it is clearly unedited and unaltered all throughout its runtime. If you’re interested in finding out more information regarding it all and if you just want to see another believer speak his mind in front of the camera feel free to watch the clip.

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