We Are The Aliens – The Origin Of Life On Planet Earth

Carl Sagan, also known as the one from the Cosmos, was one of the most resourceful scientists to ever step foot on our planet. He was one of the smartest people in the world and his legacy is still appreciated by new theorists to this day. One of his aforementioned theories of his stated that he believed in life appearing on other planets too. He worked his whole life to fund an expedition to Titan where he thought for sure that he’d come across another living being.

As one of Saturn’s Moons, Titan was perfect for life to emerge out of. Carl Sagan tried to prove his point by recreating Titan’s atmospheric conditions in his lab which ended up proving his point, as the organic matter could evolve under those conditions after all. He funded the Cassini probe mission from 2004 which was meant to prove him right, but he died before this could finalize. Luckily though, no proof of life was uncovered on Titan after all.

But, this did lead to the commencing of the Rosetta mission which started in 2004 and ended in 2014. This is when the Philae probe came across Comet 67p / Churiumov – Gerasimenko. The probe smacked right into it and began gathering resources. That is when the probe officially reported having found Glycide, the building blocks of nucleic acids such as DNA inside of the comet.

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